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Making a Complaint

If you wish to complain about the alleged offence then you must direct your complaint to the Police Force who sent you the correspondence.

If your complaint relates to any aspect of your course, please make the complaint to the Course Provider or the Police Force responsible for the area in which the course was provided. There is usually a process in place whereby a Provider must inform its appointing Police Force about any complaints it receives regarding the delivery of NDORS courses. That police force may escalate the matter to UKROEd if it feels appropriate.

If you have contacted the police and/or provider and you still wish us to review your issue, please contact us at [email protected]

It is really important that you do not ignore any correspondence which has been sent to you by the Police Force or the Course Provider relating to the return of any documents which the Police Force or the Course Provider has asked you to complete either by paper or electronically.  Any delay could mean that if you have been offered a course and you don’t reply within the timescales set by the Police or Course Provider, your course offer could be withdrawn and you will probably receive a fixed penalty or be summonsed to attend court.

Your correspondence from the Police Force or the Course Provider should contain details of how to contact them, in addition to any information they may have posted on their local websites.

PLEASE NOTE – any complaints left at this email address will not be considered by either the Police or Course Provider as notification from you in the event your offence or course offer dates expire.  You will receive a full response from this email address within 7 working days or sooner where possible.

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