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Trainer conferences: your feedback


Trainer conferences: your feedback

The first two trainer conferences took place recently, one in west London and the other in Telford. Each event offered a long-overdue opportunity for members of our professional training community to catch up with the UKROEd Learning and Development team. Check out some of the comments provided by trainers at the events…

Got to put face to names. It was a good relaxed atmosphere. I picked up s lot of information.

Ability to network with fellow colleagues from other organisations.

The variety of input and mostly seeing old friends and colleagues.

I thought all of it was useful as I am new. I do think it would have been more beneficial if Paul from National Highways could have been given more time to give some in depth learner about signs and some of the rationale behind some of them. I do feel as trainers it would benefit us as we would be armed with information to tell clients.

I appreciated the introduction to UKROEd as a new trainer with NDORS. The updates were useful and gave insight to how things work im the industry.

I also heard it mentioned that the new forthcoming NSAC would contain suggestions as how Trainers could ask questions to Clients. I approve of this as when a presentation is too prescriptive as to how a Trainer should say something, it makes it more difficult for the Trainer to familiarise with a new presentation.

It was my first conference and I found it all very informative. Lots to listen to and take on board. The layout was good, just enough people and not too overcrowded.

It was great to meet and catch up with both UKROEd staff and fellow trainers from far and wide. Very impressed with the agenda and the valuable information presented and shared both ways. The information was current, relevant and appropriate with variety and pace to keep us engaged.

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