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An excellent presentation through the medium of Welsh. Very good connection with the ‘law-breakers’. Thorough and clear questioning on how to improve driving. Everyone benefited from the session.

I attended the course held at Brentwood. Essex in January 2019

I just want to give your department some honest feedback.

In my opinion, the two lecturers are masters of their craft. They made what I envisaged to be a terribly boring and useless afternoon, to be one of the most eye opening and fun courses I have ever attended. They kept us interested throughout the entire time and were just a pleasure to learn from.

I genuinely believe a life or more will be saved due to the direct result of their teaching – and that is no exaggeration. Our group of 24 learnt so much and the feedback after the course was unreal. Since the course, I have personally not broken a speed limit once – but I have bored many passengers with ‘smart motorways, and why refuelling is ever so important and why there is no such thing as a FAST lane!!’

Please thank them on behalf of everyone that attended – I believe a course like this, taught by professionals such as your 2 amazing colleagues should be compulsory! They had us laughing 50% of the time and taking notes learning new things the other half – genuinely grateful so please thank them for me.

Anon – Essex,  Jan 2019.

After attending the Speed Awareness Course yesterday in Cheltenham I wanted to make contact to provide some valuable feedback.

I wasn’t looking forward to the event however was extremely impressed with the content, venue, organisation and most of all the trainers… I would love to see all new drivers taken through this course as the statistics and scenarios presented are powerful and very thought provoking.

(The trainers) were excellent and had the large group engaged throughout. Verbal feedback at the end suggested all attendees were impressed, so well done!

Keep up the good work!

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