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Excellent presentation and very thought provoking

Mr R

Cwrs ardderchog. Roedd yr hyfforddwr yn gyfathrebwr rhagorol. Cyflwynwyd gwybodaeth berthnasol ar y cwrs ond gwnaeth i mi feddwl hefyd.

I attended this course listed below and would like to comment on the course facilitators. Quite simply these gentlemen were superb.

They led the course in a wonderfully relaxed yet professional manner and were of the highest standard throughout. The course ran very smoothly and in a timely fashion with excellent leadership and facilitation from them both. They handled any points of contention with aplomb and made what could have been an uncomfortable course a genuinely enjoyable and educational experience.

They created a relaxed and positive environment and covered very serious and significant topics brilliantly.

Whilst I appreciate that logistics would prevent it, I would be a strong advocate of suggesting that every driver attend such a course on a regular basis, every five years or so and within two years of passing.

Ben Laundon

Roedd yn gwrs gwerthfawr, a’r hyfforddwr yn siarad yn barchus gyda phob un oedd wedi mynychu.

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