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Modern Slavery Statement

This is UKROEd’s first Modern Slavery Statement. It is our intention to lead, in a clear and unambiguous fashion by influencing the environment that we have control over, to an extent whereby modern slavery and human trafficking is unable to function. This is our entry point in delivering our statutory responsibilities and outlining our ultimate destination.

Our aim will be to:

  • ensure all vulnerable people are protected inside and outside our organisation
  • guarantee the transparency of our supply chain
  • use our position to influence and encourage awareness
  • take a pro-active approach with providers, trainers and their supply chains
  • develop and implement a modern slavery strategy and action plan, and
  • comply with the Modern Slavery Act.

We make this statement to be consistent with the provisions to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and detail the initial stages, we will take, to prevent instances of acts of modern slavery and human trafficking from occurring in our day-to-day business and supply chain.

The submission of this statement will indicate our desire to raise awareness of this serious issue, specifically within our own business processes, as well as with our stakeholders and more widely to those who use our services.

The key areas that UKROEd will focus on over the next reporting period will be to:

  • develop of an overarching modern slavery strategy
  • develop our modern slavery action plan and performance framework
  • increase collaboration with providers, instructors and trainers
  • carry out training to raise the awareness within the day-to-day operation of UKROEd
  • seek to share best and effective practice.

We will also seek to use our position as the licensing authority, throughout our supply chain and by our day-to-day stakeholder engagement activites, to “influence” as many trainers and providers as possible. The statement applies to UKROEd employees, associate contactors and assessors, including those who deliver all services on behalf of UKROEd.

The reporting period is coterminous with the financial year, ending in March 2022, from when the reporting period will run annually from April 2022.

In recognition of the fact that our day-to-day business remains at low risk to potential breaches of the Act, the policies, procedures and guidance to modern slavery will ensure this remains so, based on our existing suite of policies for example: Confidential disclosure, Employment, Safeguarding, Whistleblowing. During the course of the annual review of our policies we will ensure that any obvious gaps are considered and updated to ensure adherence to modern slavery legislation.

All areas of the business will consider their individual supply chains and review them against any potential risks. The information gathered will be used to develop the overarching modern slavery strategy, action plan and performance framework.

As a company are closely aligned to the public sector and have adopted shared values, ethics and principles in all that we do. We also recognise the developing challenges and opportunities created by the review of the Modern Slavery Act, and specifically, the changes to procurement procedures.

UKROEd recognises and welcomes its corporate responsibilities and will endeavour to protect, through our actions, all who may be victims of modern day slavery and human trafficking and its insidious impact on human wellbeing.

David Jones, Chief Operating Officer, UKROEd Ltd

Ruth Purdie, Chief Executive Officer, UKROEd Ltd