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Welcome to UKROEd.

We are the not-for-profit company responsible for the management of the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme.

We provide the central governance, standards and consistency of the scheme (NDORS).

The role of UKROEd is to assist police forces to offer high-quality courses, consistently in all force areas, so as to change behaviour and play our important part in the reduction of collisions, death and injury to road users.

The aim of this website is to give you information regarding the scheme (NDORS). Any enquiry you have regarding an alleged offence you may have committed which has led to the police offering you a course must be directed to that police force.

If you are looking to book a course, you can see where the courses are under Course Locations. If you have already booked a course, you must contact the course provider of your choice.

If you have not found what you need on the main pages of website regarding the scheme, please visit our FAQs where you may find the answer.

This is the official website for information about the Scheme.  We are not responsible for the contents of any other website which makes reference to the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme.

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