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Quality assurance

The National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) has been developed by the police service in collaboration with the National Association of Driver Intervention Providers (NADIP).  On behalf of the UK police service, NDORS develops course specifications, instructor and trainer qualifications and requirements, supported by a robust quality assurance regime.

The provision of courses to police forces has been arranged on a force by force basis, each police force deciding the best way of procuring local services. This can range from a full European procurement process to a local memorandum of understanding.

Licensing brings about a legally binding arrangement with course providers, instructors and trainers, ensuring compliance with the national requirements for course provision.

All NDORS courses and associated material have been registered with the Intellectual Property Office and are therefore protected by law.

Course providers

Course providers must have a current non-transferable licence to deliver NDORS courses.

In order to obtain a licence a course provider will be required to undergo an initial accreditation process.

All course providers will be required to appoint their own internal monitor, or seek the services of an external monitor who will be competent to perform that role and whose purpose will be to secure compliance by the course provider and any trainer or instructor appointed by them against the assessment framework.

The initial assessment process will be conducted by an NDORS assessor. It will entail a review through an application based upon the technical and commercial competency, viability, suitability and sustainability to deliver NDORS service to the corporate national format.

On successful assessment, a licencee applicant will be granted a provisional licence. This licence will enable the licencee to bid under a procurement process to deliver courses to a local police force.

This provisional licence will last for two year period from the date of issue.  The provisional licence will convert to a full licence on successful appointment by a force.

Quality assurance and monitoring of performance will be conducted by the NDORS Assessor as part of a series of mandatory reviews. An initial documentary mandatory review will be performed within 18 months of the issue of the licence, followed by a subsequent detailed mandatory reviews of both trainers and instructors within the contract or licensing term.

Successful completion of the mandatory reviews will allow the provider to continue operating under the licence unless there is cause to conduct further mandatory reviews. Unsuccessful completion of the mandatory reviews will lead to serving of improvement notices and action plans attracting compliance. Should the requirements of a second improvement notice not be met within specified time-scales this will lead to revocation of the licence.

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