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Become a trainer

Interested in changing behaviour and saving lives?

Are you passionate about delivering behavioural change courses to road users? Do you have excellent presentation skills along with effective interpersonal skills, both face-to-face and via online virtual classroom environments?

If you are interested in becoming a NDORS licenced trainer, the first thing you need to do is to check that you meet the trainer qualifications and profile.

NDORS courses governed by UKROEd, are delivered by course providers across the UK.  If you meet the requirements and are successful in your application, you will be provided with in-depth training and development support from an instructor licensed by UKROEd.

For more information please see the contact information for course providers currently looking to engage with new trainers in their area.


Each course provider should have their own internal monitor to ensure standards are being met by the trainers they utilise.

Monitors should be monitoring their trainers at least once in a twelve month period; many providers monitor on a more regular basis. Monitoring is linked to the assessment process in so far as the internal monitor should be looking for the same skills, knowledge and competencies as a NDORS assessor would look for in a formal assessment.

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