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Become an NDORS instructor

Anyone wanting to become an NDORS instructor will have to meet the application criteria, job description, and person specification required. They will have to been trained, qualified and assessed to be competent in the delivery of NDORS course(s) and be on the NDORS register of licensed instructors.


Individuals are normally nominated by a course provider to become an instructor on their behalf. However, there are some potential freelance individuals who may also wish to become instructors.  We will publish opportunities and vacancies for instructor training as and when we have an unmet demand.

Specialist instructors

NDORS is also open to recruiting specialist instructors. This is a person who has a specialist knowledge and skills relating to the background of the course required. They should also be a specialist in psychology, education and training, and contribute or produce courses on behalf of NDORS.  As above vacancies will appear on this website.

Instructor application

To become an instructor, an individual will have to complete an application form, which is based on a job description and person specification for the specific course they wish to become an instructor for. If they fulfil these requirements, they will then have to attend a course delivered by an NDORS specialist instructor.

During their attendance at an instructor course, the individual will also be assessed to see if they are competent to deliver the course. This assessment is based only on small elements of the course. The courses that individuals can become an instructor for are:

  • National Speed Awareness
  • RIDE
  • What’s Driving Us?
  • National Motorway Awareness Course.
  • Safe and Considerate Driving


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