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Public FAQs

About UKROEd's Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Accessing The Offer Portal - Register & Book Your Course

Accessing Your Course & Your Course Provider

Attending a Course

Clients with Additional Requirements

Course Costs

Courses - Failing to Attend/Complete

Courses - Virtual/Online Access & Requirements

Data & Information Management

Driving Licences


General questions asked about courses.

Forgotten/Lost Reference Number
What is my Course Fee used for?
Use of Mobile Phone and Other Devices on NDORS Course
I have Lost my Police Correspondence.
I want to Change my Course Date or Time
I need to Re-Book my Course.
I have Lost my Driving Licence.
I've Missed my Course
What do I Wear for a Course - Is there a Dress Code?
Standards of Conduct
I have Missed my Deadline to Book a Course
How Long do the Courses Last?
I Arrived Late for my Course and Refused Entry. What do I do now?
Why is it Three Years before I can Attend another Course?
What can I do to Prepare for the Course?
What Methods of Payment can I make for the Course and When do I need to Pay
When did I Last Attend a Course?
I need a Translator or Interpreter for my Course. How do I Arrange this?
Do I need to bring my Glasses/Spectacles to a Course with an On-Road Element?
If I take the Course do I still have to Pay a Fine and have Points on my Licence?
My Driver Number is not Recognised, What can I do?
Do I have to Take a Course Where I Committed the Offence?
My Driving Licence was Issued Outside GB, Can i Still Have a Course?
Is there a Pass or Fail on these Courses?
If I Dont Take a Course I have been Offered, can i Take a Course in the Future?
ID Requirements for Courses
Can I have a Motorway Awareness Course if I have Attended a Speed Awareness Course?
Can I Pay for my Course by Instalments?
Can my Identity be Protected on a Course?
How Many Course Attendees will be in the Car for the On-Road Element of my Course?
Will I be Filmed or have my Picture Taken on the Course?
When does the Date Start for the 3 Year Rule?
Can a Person Attend More than One Course in 3 Years?
I have Booked a Course but Not Recieved any Confirmation. What do I Do?
If I am Supervising a Learner Driver who Commits an Offence, Will I be Offered a Course?
How do I Book a Course?
I Dont Have my Driving Licence Number. How can I Book a Course?
Is Attendance on a NDORS Course a Conviction?
Can I Take a NDORS Course to Reduce my Current Penalty Points?
Will the Course Attendance Affect my Insurance?


Making a Complaint

NDORS Courses

Problems booking?

Your identification requirements for courses.

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