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The scheme

UKROEd operate, manage, administer and develop the NDORS Scheme on behalf of the Police Service. We ensure our courses are fit for purpose. We do this by regular and effective liaison with police forces who inform the work of our course development team. We also ensure that everyone we licence to deliver our courses has reached, and maintains, specific standards in course knowledge and presentation technique.

We are responsible for maintaining a highly secure database which holds details of individuals who have attended our courses and informs police forces whether someone is eligible to attend a course.

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The NDORS scheme is unique to the UK and was developed as an alternative to penalty points and fines.

The scheme allows motorists who have committed a minor offence to have education with the aim of improving the driver or rider’s knowledge and behaviour whilst on the road. A motorist has no automatic right to a course irrespective of how minor the offence is.

At the discretion of the local Chief Constable an offending motorist may be offered the opportunity to attend a course focusing on re-education designed to achieve greater compliance with Road Traffic legislation. Nobody has the absolute right to a course. The alternative is a fine and, where applicable, penalty points.

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