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UKROEd/NPCC Roads Policing Conference 2024 – Exhibitors

Our 2024 exhibitors

UKROEd Conference 2024 - Agilysis

Agilysis is a leading transport safety consultancy who provides strategic support and data platforms to local authorities, road safety partnerships and roads policing throughout Great Britain and across the globe. Specialising in Safe System methodology, the Agilysis team have supported national governments and transport authorities to develop and deliver on new strategies to help them achieve their Vision Zero goals.They have an extensive track record of working with public and private sector clients to deliver perceptive and relevant studies using state-of-the-art techniques, including multidimensional data mining, socio-demographic segmentation, geo-spatial methodology and contextualisation.

With access to a wide variety of datasets such as live and historical connected vehicle data, the Agilysis team provide insightful and rigorous analysis of trends in road traffic collisions and the people involved in them. As both researchers and practitioners in social marketing, Agilysis also understands the practical requirements of those delivering training, campaigns and public relations exercises. Its principles are therefore directed towards ensuring that realistic, effective interventions can deliver outputs and outcomes for clients.


UKROEd Conference 2024 - Jenoptik

Jenoptik are experts in making roads better; using ANPR based technologies to reduce casualties, improve traffic flows and enhance the environment. Our services support projects from initial consultation, design and manufacture through to installation and on-going maintenance.

Jenoptik are the global leader in average speed enforcement, with Home Office Type Approval for SPECS3 VECTOR – the most popular and widely used average speed enforcement technology. Nearly 500 SPECS installations have been operated around the UK, covering every road type and speed limit.

In 2019, SPECS was joined by VECTOR SR, an entirely new Spot Speed and Red-Light enforcement solution, which is now widely utilised across the UK and internationally.

Additionally, distracted driving (using a handheld mobile phone) and failure to wear a seatbelt remain two significant contributors in fatal collisions on the UK road network; Jenoptik’s distracted driving solution (DDS) uses Artificial Intelligence to detect both of these offences and presents evidence which can be used to address these issues.

If you have a project that could benefit from our peerless experience, please talk to one of our expert Account Managers to learn how a Jenoptik solution could improve the performance of your roads.

UKROEd Conference 2024 - StarTraq

Trusted by UK police forces for 21 years, StarTraq’s software allows police forces to manage all camera and officer captured offences within one system. Through automation, the StarTraq solution is proven to increase back office processing efficiency, allowing forces to increase their throughput without having to increase staff headcount.

Our core solutions are:

  • DOME – back office software solution which is fully compatible with PentiP for processing any type of traffic offence.
  • StarPortal – an intuitive and secure online portal for the recipients of a NIP to review evidence and submit either a nomination or an admission online.
  • Traqer – a smartphone ticketing solution allowing officers to issue digital TORs from their smart device with a real-time upload to the back office.
UKROEd Conference 2024 - Clarity

Electronic Process Management for Road Traffic Offence Records FastForm Online Bookings is used to manage NDORS course delivery across 21 police force areas in England and Wales; processing more than 750,000 course bookings annually. FTM includes scanning, capture, document management, workflow, case management and reporting features.
Road Safety Portal (online admissions and nominations)
The portal provides self-service web-based access for NIP/172 recipients to view evidential records associated with minor road traffic offences and make online admissions and nominations. This approach reduces the road safety back-office workload dramatically.
NDORS Course Management, Online Booking and Secure Payments
FastForm Online Bookings is used to manage NDORS course delivery across 20 police force areas in England and Wales; processing more than 650,000 course bookings annually.
Cycle Training Management
Course administration and online booking software for cycling courses, including Bikeability for schools, public courses and 1-2-1 training sessions.

UKROEd Conference 2024 - Drivetech

Drivetech from the AA. Rehabilitating driver offenders on behalf of the police since 1998.
We make your roads safer by offering a world class experience to clients to change their behaviour, and 93% say they drive differently after attending one of our courses.
We champion equality, diversity and inclusion to reduce barriers ensuring your drivers get the best educational intervention for them to change.
With unrivalled knowledge and the highest quality of delivery to 34 Police forces, we also offer young driver courses and company fleet risk management across the UK. This includes driver assessment and training services in over 95 countries and in 35 languages through over 40 partners.
Our mission is “working together to eliminate risk for a safer world.” Our vision is to be the leader in providing innovative risk reduction solutions, on and off the road.
Choose the best — partner with Drivetech!
(World class Net Promotor Score of +75 and rated Excellent (4.8) Trustpilot)

UKROEd Conference 2024 - The Under 17 Car Club Charitable Trust

The Under 17 Car Club Charitable Trust has been delivering pre-licence driver training since 1976 reaching well over 7000 novice drivers. Rooting its work in Roadcraft, The Trust has developed a proprietary tuition methodology which develops technical skill, driving theory knowledge and attitudes and behaviours in parallel with progress depending on a synthesis of all three. Cognitive load is built up over time developing highly skilled new drivers with substantially greater observation skills and awareness of road risks and how to mitigate them. The Trust Pathfinder Initiative, endorsed, sponsored and supported by Gloucestershire OPCC, West Mercia OPCC, Leicestershire OPCC, Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue, Safer Roads Humber and DHL was established in 2008 to deliver an intensive development experience to rising 17’s. Participants in that initiative display a 1 in 19 risk of a reportable incident in their first 12 months as licensed drivers comparing favourably with their peer group record of around 1 in 4.5 (DfT Stats).

UKROEd Conference 2024 - TTC

TTC is an award-winning leader in the provision of road safety schemes, committed to improving road safety by empowering people through education to positively change behaviour.
The largest NDORS provider, we are appointed by 12 UK police forces, Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (Scotland), and Transport for London, to deliver National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) services. TTC offers a comprehensive choice of classroom and online courses as an alternative to prosecution for a road traffic offence throughout the UK.
We are committed to supporting our commissioners in ensuring equality and inclusivity of our services, whilst delivering social value by supporting local communities through our NDORS provision.

UKROEd Conference 2024 - NEC

Our experts work alongside our customers to keep millions of people safe, supported and on the move.

We understand the challenges they face today, and what they’ll need to make a difference tomorrow.

Our Enforcement software streamlines the traffic camera process at every stage. We help to cut out re-keying, save on postage and free up resources that can be reinvested into more value-added tasks. We also help you deliver great customer service because citizens can access offences anytime, on any device.

And we’re proud to work with the Home Office to deliver the PentiP system, a cross-criminal justice platform used by all police forces in England, Scotland and Wales.

Whatever your specialism, we’re here to help you prevent harm, act decisively and reduce risk.

UKROEd Conference 2024 - Co-Pilot

Co-Pilot – the essential plug-in for any organisation working to reduce death and serious injury on our roads.
Co-Pilot comprises a shared toolbox of ‘high-quality educational interventions, training, and publicity assets, as well as a networking community, training centre and research library. Member organisations can access all of Co-Pilot’s educational and professional development resources for an annual fee. And for those who’ve committed to Vision Zero, Co-Pilot offers a road user facing dashboard to help generate public support for the most important journey – the one toward Zero.

UKROEd Conference 2024 - Tutelage

Tutelage is a national police-led programme, working together with all 45 UK police forces and partners to reduce the impact of uninsured, unsafe, untraceable and untaxed vehicles.
Using data insights, Tutelage encourages the unintentionally uninsured to rectify the situation via a procedurally just ‘nudge’ approach in the form of police headed letters and tackles those who ‘self-select’ through failure to take appropriate action through the provision of timely intelligence and predictive analysis supporting effective and efficient on-road enforcement and finite resources.
Over 775,000 letters have been issued, with 78% (over 606,000) of all letter recipients going on to reinsure their vehicle.
Independent evaluation concluded…. ‘people receiving a tutelage letter are 4.4 times more likely to reinsure their vehicle than those who didn’t receive a letter’.
Our new three-year strategy (2024 to 2026) focusses on several key themes including; further business process automation, predictive analysis, community intelligence and wider intelligence enrichment.

UKROEd Conference 2024 - Brake

Brake is a national road safety charity, founded in 1995, that exists to stop deaths, serious injuries and pollution on roads, and to care for families bereaved and injured in road crashes. Brake campaigns for safe and healthy roads though seeking government policies and investment to end the carnage, and through projects that help communities, schools and employers promote safe and pollution-free streets locally.

Brake delivers Road Safety Week, the UK’s biggest road safety campaign. Brake is the national provider of care and support to victims of road crashes and their families through the National Road Victim Service, helping families cope with the shock, turmoil and devastation that road crashes cause families across the UK every day.

More information from

UKROEd Conference 2024 - Quadient

Quadient is the driving force behind the world’s most meaningful customer experiences. By focusing on Intelligent Communication Automation, Parcel Locker Solutions and Mail-Related Solutions,
Quadient helps hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide simplify the connection between people and what matters.

Quadient’s reputation as a provider of Customer Communications Management (CCM), to the public sector is second to none. We work with many forces answering both their software and hardware needs and are a leading provider for the CCS framework.

For more information about Quadient, visit

UKROEd Conference 2024 - Acusensus

Geoff Collins is the General Manager for Acusensus UK, responsible for bringing the award winning ‘Heads-Up’ distracted driving and seatbelt solution to the UK.
The system has already been operated by 16 UK police regions on over 120 occasions, with half of the forces carrying out active prosecutions, based on the evidence captured.
He also acts as Chair of ITS UK’s Enforcement Forum.
With two decades of enforcement system experience, Geoff has been involved in the design, implementation and monitoring of hundreds of projects, providing an unrivalled insight into the successful operation of large scale enforcement projects.
He is a Chartered Engineer, a member of the IET and a fellow of CIHT.

UKROEd Conference 2024 - The Road Safety Trust

The Road Safety Trust is an independent grant-giving trust supporting projects and research that make UK roads safer for all road users – pedestrians, cyclists, mobility scooter users, horse riders, car drivers, lorry and van drivers and motorcyclists. The Trust uses any surplus gifted by UKROEd (its not-for-profit trading subsidiary company) to help create safer roads and protect road uses. As a small charity with low running costs, the vast majority of this income goes to support vital road safety studies and initiatives, through our grant programmes.

The Trust supports a variety of road safety initiatives through grants, with funding available towards projects that meet its grant criteria. Grants are available for up to two or three years, and these can range from £10,000 up to £500,000 depending on the funding round.

UKROEd Conference 2024 - Redspeed International

Smarter cameras, better outcomes.
Redspeed International is pioneering the next generation of advanced road safety solutions through applied Ai and advanced camera technology. Our products and people are here to help everyone achieve better road safety outcomes through smarter engineering, enforcement and education. Our highly qualified team provides and supports innovative Home Office Type Approved (HOTA) solutions for road safety. Having supplied products since 2004, Redspeed support and maintain over 1,000 sites in the UK alone. Sentio’s advanced technology – developed in collaboration with end users – gives you the capability to address many different enforcement challenges; speed, redlight, average speed, mobile phone use, seatbelt compliance and all manner of moving traffic offences.

UKROEd Conference 2024 - Lion Laboratories Ltd

Lion Laboratories Ltd are experts in the field of breath alcohol testing and analysis.
Founded in 1967 by the father of the world’s first electronic breathalyser, Dr.Tom Parry Jones OBE, Lion Laboratories Ltd are the UK’s only manufacturers of breath alcohol analysis instruments.
Law enforcement professionals and safety-critical industries worldwide rely on Lion Laboratories’ instruments to quickly and accurately
measure the concentration of alcohol in an individual’s body.

From contactless breathalysers and roadside Police screeners, to mobile evidential systems and calibration/maintenance services,
Lion Laboratories will meet your requirements.
Tel: 01446 724500

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