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UKROEd/NPCC Roads Policing Conference 2024 – Speaker Biographies

Our 2024 speakers

UKROEd Conference 2024 - Jo Shiner
Jo Shiner is the Chief Constable of Sussex Police. She became the force’s ninth Chief Constable in July 2020 and is the first female Chief Constable in the history of Sussex Police. Jo started her policing career in Norfolk in 1993, serving up to the rank of Chief Superintendent. She then transferred on promotion to Kent as Assistant Chief Constable in 2014. Jo joined Sussex Police in late 2018 as Deputy Chief Constable.Throughout her career she has been committed to taking a preventative and proactive approach to policing – always working closely with partners. Her strong belief is that there are very few circumstances where policing alone is the answer.
Jo became National Police Chiefs’ Council lead for Roads Policing in June 2021. She has always held a firm view that effective policing of our roads will reduce crime and save lives. Jo’s lived experience of losing her father in a road traffic collision when she was just a teenager gives her a strong and passionate voice when advocating for roads safety.
UKROEd Conference 2024 - Ruth Purdie
As General Secretary of TISPOL, the European Roads Policing Network, Ruth worked with European governments, senior police officers and road safety experts to deliver a co-ordinated approach to road safety across Europe.Her policing career spanned 33 years to the rank of Assistant Chief Constable. Working for the College of Policing, Ruth was the lead facilitator in developing the Strategic Command Course – Operational Delivery Module and assessment process 2015–2019.
Ruth is skilled in crisis management, coaching, assessment, government, emergency management and law enforcement. She holds a first class honours degree in Management and was awarded an OBE in 2021 for services to Policing and Road Safety.
UKROEd Conference 2024 - Neil Barrett
Neil has run Enbecom, a IT consulting firm specialising in web technology, for over 20 years. He has also worked extensively with law enforcement in the UK and abroad, including spending well over a decade with the European Roads Policing Network. Neil spent summer 2023 on an epic 5,500 mile road trip across 9 countries to the top of mainland Europe, producing blogs and video to explore how “mainstream” and cost-effective electric vehicles and infrastructure have become across Scandinavia and beyond.He also writes on vehicle technology and the future of mobility for Good Motoring magazine. He is a highly experienced presenter, chair and moderator, with a true passion for reducing the number of people killed and injured on our roads.
UKROEd Conference 2024 - Sharron Huddleston
Sharron’s 18-year-old daughter, Caitlin, was killed in a crash on a rural road in Cumbria in July 2017. She was a passenger in a car, driven by her 18-year-old friend, who also died, who had passed her test just four months previously. The crash was put down to inexperience of the newly qualified driver. Sharron has been campaigning for Graduated Driving Licensing ever since. Sharron is co-founder of Forget-me-not Families Uniting, a group now made up of more than 100 bereaved parents campaigning for Graduated Driving Licensing in the UK.
UKROEd Conference 2024 - Dr Ian Greenwood
His 12-year-old daughter, Alice, was killed when a car driven by a young speeding driver collided with her mother’s car in 2008. Alice was killed and her Mum and sister were both seriously injured. The young driver and his passenger in the other vehicle also died. Ian is co-founder of Forget-me-not Families Uniting, a group now made up of more than 100 bereaved parents campaigning for Graduated Driving Licensing in the UK. He also completed a PHD in ‘the politics of road death.’
UKROEd Conference 2024 - Rebecca Morris
Rebecca has been a road safety marketing and PR specialist for 20 years and is passionate about reducing road harm. She supported the launch of the Forget-me-not Families Uniting campaign group in April 2024, securing widespread local and national media coverage. She appeared on BBC Breakfast alongside Sharron Huddleston and Dr Ian Greenwood in April and has secured ongoing coverage of the campaign on the show.
UKROEd Conference 2024 - Dr Elizabeth Box
Elizabeth is an accomplished transport researcher and commissioner with over two decades of experience. She has an excellent track record in influencing and contributing to road safety policy outcomes at the national level. Elizabeth is the Research Director at the RAC Foundation, an independent charity which researches the environmental, mobility, safety and economic issues relating to roads and their users. She is also a Behavioural Science Consultant at Co-Pilot, a start-up which develops evidence-based road safety education and is the Director of ECM Research Solutions.

Elizabeth has a PhD in Transport Psychology from Cranfield University, where she focused on developing and trialling pre-driver education interventions grounded in behavioural science. Elizabeth is an advisor to several road safety industry and government project boards and is a judge for the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards. She is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation, a technical champion for the organisation as well as a judge for the Institute’s annual Road Safety Award.

UKROEd Conference 2024 - Prof Alex Stedmon
Alex is a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor role in the Psychology Department of Cardiff University. He has specialised in Transport Human Factors and road safety consultancy and also works as an Expert Witness for the courts. Alex is a keen motorcyclist and has worked with major motorcycle manufacturers, road authorities and also pioneered the first motorcycle simulator in the world using STISIM-Drive software. Alex has worked with UKROEd in helping to design their new National Rider Risk Awareness Course (NRRAC) and also with Transport Scotland conducting research into innovative road markings for motorcycle casualty reduction.
UKROEd Conference 2024 - Commander Kyle Gordon
Kyle has been a police officer for 30 years, having commenced his service in Northern Ireland with the Royal Ulster Constabulary GC back in the 1990’s. After spending over 2 decades in the province he moved to the mainland and has since served with a number of other forces. Between 2018 and 2022 Kyle spent 4 years as the Met’s Commander in charge of Uniformed Operations incorporating Specialist Firearms and Taskforce, as well as Roads and Transport Policing Command the largest roads and transport policing command in the UK.
Having spent much of his career in specialist commands such as Firearms and Public Order; in 2020 when Kyle became the UK lead for Roads Policing’s Operations, Intelligence and Investigations (NRPOII) he immediately observed how it was viewed and treated by some as the ‘poor cousin’ of policing. He set about trying to raise the profile and currency of Roads Policing right across the UK by bringing across some of the most established practices from these other specialisms. This included challenging misconceptions to demonstrate that Roads Policing is not a bespoke niche discipline but is right at the heart of keeping individuals, families and communities safe from harm.
UKROEd Conference 2024 - Sgt Mike Lawrenson
Mike Lawrenson started his police career in North Yorkshire Police as a Special Constable in 2007 after completing a degree in Sports Science from Leeds University. Joining GMP as a regular constable in 2009 he worked on the Wigan Division in response roles, proactive and public order roles.
Mike first got the bug for road policing whilst still in student officer training with GMP, whilst communing from training, he and a colleague came across a serious injury RTC on the M62 motorway involving multiple vehicles and casualties. Having not even been signed off for independent patrol, for his actions in treating the injured and preserving the scene, Mike and his colleague received a commendation for their bravery at the scene before further officers arrived.
After a brief stint on Roads Policing as a constable in 2016, he received promotion to Sergeant to the City of Manchester Division in 2017 where he was heavily involved in the response to the tragic Manchester arena attack that same year.
Mike joined GMP’s Roads Policing Unit in 2019 when thrown into the deep end on the unit and was able to pass Advanced driving, TPAC, Motorway Training and Pursuit Tactical Advisor course in just a 6 month period! Since then he has excelled and has become an experienced and valuable operational Roads Policing Commander with scores of high profile and successful events and incidents covered from protests, football matches and Government Conferences.
Operation Wolverine came calling in 2022 with Mike completely changing the strategic direction of the operation which deals with vehicles seized for no licence or insurance offences. GMP have now seized more than 25,000 vehicles (and growing) for no licence or insurance under the stewardship of Mike in this time which has seen a positive correlation in the reduction of road deaths in Manchester.
Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Road Safety by UKROEd/NPCC and GMP’s Operation of the Year – Op Wolverine – came in recognition for this work for Mike in 2023.
Mike has also successfully been promoted to the rank of Inspector in May 2024 and is currently awaiting his posting within GMP.
UKROEd Conference 2024 - Marian Kitson
Motorcycle KSI Reduction Officer | Roads Policing Unit
Operations Command | Surrey & Sussex Police
We have a responsibility to reduce the tragic and unacceptable number of motorcycle fatalities on our roads. But it will take a committed, holistic approach targeting culture change in engagement with motorcyclists. We must work to promote safe riding practices while ensuring fair, proactive enforcement. Only then can we drive meaningful progress.

The presentation will cover –

Increased risks and emerging trends in motorcycle collisions.
The importance of graduated enforcement specifically to motorcyclists as part of an overall strategy.
Insights from rider surveys. Illustrating the need to change our mindset around motorcycle safety both within the riding community itself and among the law enforcement community.
Successful pilot programs and initiatives that have moved the needle on motorcycle safety through a combination of engagement, enforcement, education, and engineering.
Specific recommendations and next steps to enhance our motorcycle enforcement policies, training, and procedures nationally.

UKROEd Conference 2024 - PC Steve Bucksey
Marian became the Director of Enforcement for the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) in September 2018. Marian is a member of DVSA Board and the Executive Committee and proudly supports the Agency’s vision to keep Britian moving safely and sustainably.
As Director, Marian has built a clear and ambitious strategy to focus on the enforcement of road safety standards for England, Scotland and Wales and has primary accountability for the DVSA strategic theme “protecting you from unsafe drivers and vehicles “. Marian also chairs a multi-agency strategic road safety partnership group commissioning initiatives.
With 1100 highly motivated professional colleagues covering the whole country Marian leads teams who focus on improving compliance with road safety standards and regulations across road transport. The teams deliver proportionate, risk based targeted compliance and enforcement interventions including investigations and prosecutions supported by a dedicated intelligence function across GB and Non-GB commercial vehicles, drivers and operators, the MOT scheme and driver/rider instructors.
Marian has spent 30+ years upholding and enforcing standards in large organisations, leading strategic change, driving continuous improvement and delivering results all within complex regulatory frameworks.
The responsibilities of public service, ensuring the safety and maintaining the trust of the society we serve, are at the heart of Marian’s personal ethos. As an experienced coach and leadership mentor Marian enjoys working with individuals and teams to identify and nurture talent to harness potential. Alongside this, Marian is a “Respect Champion” who leads with positivity and inclusion, being a motivator with significant resilience to maintain clarity in critical environments and lead teams to overcome challenges and thrive.
UKROEd Conference 2024 - Leanne McMahon
Leanne McMahon is Assistant Director of Kent Fire and Rescue Service. Leanne started her career in Kent in 1995, holding roles in the emergency control room, responding to incidents, in prevention and protection. Throughout Leanne’s career she has worked to develop strong collaborative partnerships and has seen the benefits a unified approach can make.
Leanne became the National Fire Chiefs’ Council deputy lead for Road Safety in January 2024. Her commitment extends beyond traditional fire safety. Leanne’s lived experiences in road safety prevention, managing incidents on the road and customer care, during and after the incident have shaped a strong desire to advocate for addressing the multifaced challenges of road safety.
UKROEd Conference 2024 - Tanya Fosdick
A highly respected leader in the sector, Tanya has over eighteen years’ experience in driving forward road safety research, policy, and evidence. She has led projects that embrace academic research and expert practice to influence decision-making at Governmental level. Through her work with global institutions, such as the World Health Organization, she is providing strategic guidance for members states and her research for the World Bank is influencing policies on speed management and road user safety. She is a keen advocate of the use of appropriate behaviour change models in intervention design and evaluation. Her award-winning work on a designing a new training approach for motorcyclists has been adopted by UK government and embraced by corporate fleet managers. Tanya is a fellow of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation, a Trustee of the Road Safety Trust, and an Honorary Advisor Panel Member of the Road Ethics Project in South Africa.
UKROEd Conference 2024 - Shaun Helman
TRL’s Chief Scientist for Behavioural Sciences. An applied cognitive and experimental psychologist with over two decades’ experience in road safety, road user behaviour, and human-technology integration. Shaun’s specific research focuses on the safety of young and newly qualified drivers, vulnerable road user safety (especially visibility and conspicuity) and work-related road safety. More generally, his research and commentary focus on raising the standards of evaluation and evidence in the transport domain, especially road safety but including research into automated driving technologies, low-emission vehicles, and the emergence of new models of the movement of people and goods such as shared mobility. Shaun has a track record of delivering projects that impact directly on government policy and advice to road users, including many of the changes in the last decade to driver testing and licensing in Great Britain. He has authored over 150 journal articles and customer reports since 2002 and has presented at numerous national and international conferences on road safety and other transport issues. He represents TRL at the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety, and acts as a reviewer for several scientific journals and grant bodies.

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