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Ride Craft Hub launches

dusk road

Sorry Mate, I Didn’t See You! It’s a phrase commonly heard by motorcyclists who have come to a rapid halt when a vehicle pulls out in front of them. These ‘SMIDSY’ incidents are one of the leading causes of motorcycle collisions and the focus of a new campaign led by police forces.

The most recent combined data from the DfT and National Road Traffic Census from 2021 reveals that 310 motorcyclists lost their lives and 5,264 were seriously injured on Britain’s roads. Five-year data from 2016 to 2021 on reported road casualties cites failing to look properly on the part of a rider or driver as the most common contributing factor in fatal or serious collisions.

The data also reveals that junctions are the most common locations of motorcyclist casualties, representing 34.7% of combined fatalities and injuries. The campaign will help riders identify a SMIDSY situation and protect themselves against these collisions, as well as sharing other riding techniques provided by some of the nation’s best riders.

A new Ride Craft Hub website is launching that will curate tips and explainers from pro riders all aimed at helping motorcyclists be better on their bike, and to reduce harm to riders on the road.

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