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UKROEd’s Chief Operations Officer Ruth Purdie received a Global Light of Hope award from the Irish Road Victims Association. The award was made for her role as “a leading advocate for road safety through her great work as General Secretary in TISPOL (2014 – 2018) and in particular with TISPOL’s Project EDWARD, the European Day Without a Road Death.”

This is something which bereaved families, the police in Ireland, the Road Safety Authority and the Health & Safety Authority very actively support in September every year here in Ireland.

Donna Price of the IRVA said: “Project EDWARD has made a significant contribution to raising public awareness for road safety and road victims throughout Europe, and in so doing has no doubt helped to save lives and prevent serious injury.

“We were therefore very pleased to present this very well-deserved award to Ruth Purdie for all of their efforts in promoting Project EDWARD.”