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A Greater Manchester borough became the centre of massive scam in which drivers just paid to make tickets go away


This week after a six month investigation, which is ongoing, the cases of 126 drivers were heard at Manchester and Salford Magistrates after they were accused of using the scam to try and dodge tickets for speeding, jumping red lights, and driving without due car and attention. All were accused of failing to furnish driver details by providing an inaccurate or misleading response to a requirement to provide driver details and hit with fines and a mandatory six points on their licence.

Those convicted included taxi drivers, businessmen, and even doctors. One Greater Manchester construction company has been hit with fines totalling £15,000 after 13 such convictions for vehicles linked to the firm, including BMWs and Mercedes. Offences of those attempting to dodge ticket range from doing 38 mph in a 30mph speed limit to doing 101 mph on the motorway.

Chief Inspector Neilson said: “The reason we are doing this is because it is part of our road danger reduction strategy. High risk driving on the roads is costing lives and injuries. We had 71 people die on Greater Manchester’s roads in 2021 which is far too many preventable deaths. It is all linked back to a number of offences, using a mobile phone, impairment through drink or drugs, not wearing seat belts, and speeding.

“These drivers have been carrying on without the fear of enforcement. That’s changing now. We are expanding our Roads Policing Unit, doubling our traffic units, and looking at expanding our ticket office. If people think they can’t get caught it means they are driving dangerously, and that’s what we intend to put a stop to.”

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