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Breathalysers to be mandatory in all new cars from 2022

All new cars must have the facility to fit a built-in breathalyser from 2022, as part of a raft of new safety technologies, it has been confirmed.

First suggested in May 2018, the package of mandatory minimum vehicle safety standards was rubber stamped by the EU earlier this month.

The standards require every new vehicle to satisfy 11 safety rulings from 2022, mandating technologies such as intelligent speed assistance (ISA) and advanced emergency braking (AEB) – as well as be enabled to have an alcolock fitted.

New lorries will be expected to have better levels of direct vision to give drivers a better chance of seeing vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

The UK Government has confirmed the standards will apply in the UK, whatever the outcome of Brexit, but it will be up to the Government to decide how the technologies are used.