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Cambridgeshire develops 20mph zone plans

Cambridgeshire County Council has expressed its determination to introduce more 20mph schemes across the county, describing them as a ‘proven way to improve road safety’. There are two types of 20mph schemes which can be introduced by the council – 20mph limits and 20mph zones. A 20mph limit typically covers individual or a small number of streets and requires signs only, while 20mph zones cover larger areas and require both signs and markings.

The council says the former are more cost effective, but the latter have been found to have a greater effect in reducing speed limits, especially when accompanied by traffic calming measures. The council will meet next week to establish a new process for the implementation of 20mph schemes – looking to ‘devise a process which prioritises applications which will have the biggest impact’. This would allow third parties to make an application for a 20mph limit in their chosen area, with a number of schemes then progressing following a period of assessment and prioritisation.

Cllr Peter McDonald, chair of Cambridgeshire County Council’s Highways and Transport Committee, said: “20mph schemes are a proven way to improve road safety, which is why the Joint Administration is determined to introduce more of them across the county.

“You cannot put a price on safety, but we are also conscious that any scheme delivers value for money, so it is important we devise a process which prioritises applications which will have the biggest impact.”

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