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Campaign tackles careless driving


Authorities in Northern Ireland have launched a new campaign highlighting the dangers of careless driving. The public information campaign, which launched on 1 December, has been made possible through a sponsorship agreement between Northern Ireland’s Department for Infrastructure and the Northern Ireland Road Safety Partnership (NIRSP).

The campaign runs across a range of media platforms. Careless and inattentive driving, which includes a number of road user behaviours such as ‘inattention or attention diverted’ and ‘driving too close’, is the number one reason for road traffic collisions in Northern Ireland. In 2022, 604 people were killed or seriously injured as a result of collisions on the country’s roads where the cause was attributed to a careless driving causation factor.

Denis McMahon, permanent secretary from the Department for Infrastructure, said: “Too many people sadly lose their lives or are seriously injured as a result of careless driving and that is a tragedy for their families and friends.”

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