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Common driving test myths debunked


The DVSA has launched an improved and expanded version of its behavioural change campaign to improve learner drivers’ understanding of what it means to be ‘test ready’. Data shows that more than 51% of driving tests taken in December 2022 were failed.

The ‘Ready to Pass?’ campaign provides guidance for learners to help reduce the number who need to take more than one driving test and help stop tests being wasted. The recently refreshed campaign website provides helpful new content for learner drivers, including debunking common driving test myths, such as:

  • The driving test has pass quotas
  • Learners automatically fail if they stall
  • Learners automatically fail if they cross their hands when turning the steering wheel
  • It’s easier for learners to pass their driving test at certain times of the day
  • Learners need to exaggerate moving their head when looking at mirrors

The website also includes advice and tips from experts and other learner drivers to help manage test day nerves. The DVSA is encouraging learners to carry out simple checks to see if they are ready to take their test.

Learner drivers will have their test cancelled and lose their fee if they forget to bring their provisional driving licence, bring a car that’s not suitable or arrive late for their appointment.

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