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JULY 2020

Due to the current coronavirus situation, all physical classroom courses remain cancelled/closed and have been replaced by Online/Virtual Classroom Courses.

If you had already booked and paid for a course, we are now offering virtual courses as an alternative. If your original course provider has not yet offered you a virtual course, please contact them to arrange this. They will either be able to offer you the virtual course (if they are running them) or will cancel your physical classroom course to allow you to book with another provider who is offering virtual courses. You may need to arrange a refund for your physical classroom course and then book and pay for your virtual course.

You can book a virtual course regardless of which police force in the UK offered you a course – just follow this link to the booking site – and choose a course provider to book online.

For further information/guidance on who is providing virtual courses and how to find them – follow this link to assist you once you get to the booking site.

We are working really hard to assist our course providers, police and clients during these difficult times – please book or re-arrange your course online. Call the course provider or police only if you really need to. They are currently receiving high call volumes and your call is likely to take a considerable time to be answered.

You can access course bookings and course providers at then follow these instructions:

  • REGISTER: Enter your Police Reference Number & PIN (from your Police Course Offer letter) OR your Police Reference Number & Driving Licence Number (in the PIN field instead of a PIN).


  • LOGIN: If you have previously opted to create an account, and have validated your email address, you can login with your email address and password. If you did not create an account, and would like to now create an account, you can do so using the “Forgot your Password” and providing the email address you provided during registration.
  • From your Dashboard, click on “Access My Courses” to review your current course booking and to rebook a course. Clicking on “rebook my course” will then take you to our online booking website.

If you have had a physical clasroom course cancelled and now required to re-book

  • You should now be able to book (or rearrange) a virtual classroom course by following the instructions above.
  • The two-and-a-half hour course will take place online with up to 8 clients and a Trainer. THERE WILL BE NO NEED FOR YOU TO TRAVEL TO A VENUE/PHYSICAL CLASSROOM. You will need access to a device i.e tablet, laptop or desktop with microphone and camera with reliable internet connection capable of streaming video. Smart phones may be used, however the course will be far more effective if you have a larger screen.

If the police have indicated that your offence has been cancelled/no further action or have withdrawn your course offer:

  • If you have not already been advised your course payment is being refunded, please contact your course provider using the instructions above.
  • If your course offer has been withdrawn by the police, you need to contact them to discuss what you need to do next.
  • If you have a further query regarding your situation, please contact the police force that offered you the course (please see your original course offer letter from the police).


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