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Council’s wavy road marking scheme labelled ‘bizarre’

dusk road

North Somerset Council has defended a scheme, which “creates an unconventional highway environment” in an effort to both slow traffic down and discourage parking at the roadside. As reported by, the scheme has come under fire – with the RAC labelling it “bizarre”.

Under the scheme, North Somerset Council has painted a wavy line on the road that runs along Clevedon seafront.

A North Somerset Council spokesperson said: “The short stretch of wavy line at the roadside on Clevedon seafront is a design feature that creates an unconventional highway environment with the combined effect of both slowing traffic down and discouraging parking at the roadside.

“The markings are not yet complete and once the road’s top surface has been applied – as shown in the image – the full effect will be realised. This work will be carried out in the spring. Safety is a priority and a road safety audit was completed when the scheme was designed. There will also be a further one undertaken when it’s completed.”

However, the RAC has warned that the scheme could pose a road safety risk. Simon Williams, RAC road safety spokesperson, said: “This is one of the most bizarre new road schemes we’ve ever seen.”


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