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Derbyshire police issue safety advice for motorcyclists

Police motorcycle experts have issued a new video for bikers as lockdown rules are relaxed.

It says riders might not be as confident as they were before lockdown, when they may have been going on regular rides.

The advice to bikers is to take it easy and to make sure they have the proper equipment.

The UpRight Derbyshire team, launched in 2018 and is aimed at educating people about road safety.

Since Government guidance changed, police say they’ve seen a large increase in bikers using the roads.

Officers stress if it’s been a while since people have ridden, they won’t be as competent as they might think, adopting the message Ride to Arrive as part of the campaign.

A good quality textile or leather jacket, good quality boots and a helmet are recommended.

PC Tom Rowlands, co-ordinator for UpRight said: “Good quality biking clothing could save your life in a slide or fall regardless of speed”.

“Wearing the correct clothing is all a part of our mission to educate bikers to protect and upskill themselves. We want everyone to take responsibility for their safety on the roads, starting with the basics. The right clothes could save your life.”

The team says they look to educate bikers about safe riding, where to book advanced training and places to buy the correct kit as well as other experts in the field.