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 NDORS Lancashire

Frequently asked questions


  • How do I contact NDORS Lancashire?

Telephone enquiries and bookings – 01772 410950

Email enquiries – [email protected]


  • Will I travel to a venue to complete my course?

All courses are completed using video conferencing, at home using a suitable device with a front facing camera and microphone – please do not travel to any of our venues to complete your course.


  • What platform is the course running on?

The online course is delivered using the Zoom platform.  This can be accessed via a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone and we will send you full instructions on how to access Zoom when you book your course.

We strongly recommend you try using Zoom before your course to familiarise yourself. Maybe ask a friend or relative to set up a meeting for you to join before your course date. The Zoom website also holds a wealth of information to help you join

You can also set up a test meeting on the zoom website by following

You do not have to pay for Zoom; once you have paid your course fee you will not be charged further.


  • I’m not very technical and I am worried that I won’t be able to take my virtual/online course, what can I do?

Lancashire Constabulary are predominantly running virtual/online courses.  It may be possible that a family member or a friend can help you with unfamiliar technology.  Whilst you need to be on your own to complete the course, we are happy for you to have someone with you on the day initially to help you get set up.  We have had many clients with similar worries who have successfully completed their virtual course once given help/guidance from a family member or a friend.


However, we are now in the process of a phased return to classroom courses If you feel that a classroom course is your preferred option you can e-mail or telephone our NDORS team to discuss.


  • How do I access my course?

At least 24 hours before your course is due to start you will receive an email containing a link to the classroom course.  Please click on this link 15 minutes before your course is due to start.

If you do not receive an email containing the classroom link, please check your junk/spam email folder before contacting us by phone or email.


  • What will I need for my course?

You will need to show photo ID to the trainer before your course starts.  Copies of ID will not be accepted.  If you do not have photographic ID please contact us by email or telephone.

You will need a quiet space with no interruptions and a stable internet signal.

Please have a pen and paper to hand.

You will need to join the course 15 minutes before the start time.  If you are late you may not be permitted to join the course.


  • How long is the course and will I get a break?

The course is two and a half hours long from start to finish, with a 10-15-minute break about half way through.


  • I’m experiencing technical difficulties connecting to the course, what can I do?

It’s advisable to be close to your internet router.  If you have other devices that require the internet, switch them off and this will strengthen your signal.

Zoom will prompt you to enable your audio and video, ensure you click allow when prompted to do so.  If you have not done this, try logging out of Zoom and click on the classroom link again.

If your microphone or camera is not working you may need change app permission for zoom:

If on an Android device (Samsung, Huawei etc) follow:

If on an Apple device follow:

If problems persist please contact us by telephone, or email when our lines are closed.


  • I can’t attend my course what can I do?

Please give as much notice as possible if you need to reschedule your course.  You can contact us by email or preferably by phone.  Administration charges may apply – please refer to our terms and conditions as detailed in your booking confirmation email.


  • I’m late for my course and the waiting room is locked, what can I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible by telephone or email.  If you do not contact us within one working day you will automatically be referred back to the police force that issued your ticket.

Did you find the answer to your question in the FAQ section?

If not, consider contacting us.

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