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Norfolk County Council Digital NDORS Course FAQ’s:

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the digital online NDORS courses we provide.

  1. How do I contact my course provider?

Contact details for Norfolk County Council can be found on your booking confirmation sent to you by e-mail. You can contact us by calling 01603 638136 during office hours or alternatively e-mail us: [email protected]

2. What will I need for my course?

In order to attend your digital course, you will require access to a laptop or tablet device and have a good internet connection. Smart phones may be used however the course will be far more effective if you have a larger screen. Your device will need to have enough power to last the duration of your course, so it is best to keep it plugged in to a mains supply. We recommend wearing an audio headset to make the course more private however this is not essential. When attending your course, you must be in a private room without disturbances. Please have a pen and paper to hand for notes.

You must provide photographic identification in order to attend your course. Photocopies and images will not be accepted.

Please see our Terms & Conditions at

3. What platform is the course running on?

Your digital course will be presented using Zoom.

Joining instructions and the Zoom link for your course will be e-mailed to you 48 hours before your course date.

If you are using a smart phone or tablet, you may wish to install the Zoom app in advance of your course. Please note you may need to adjust the audio settings for the app on your specific device.

4. How do I access my course?

You will access your course via the Zoom web link that is e-mailed to you 48 hours before your course date. If you have installed the Zoom app on your tablet or smart phone device, you can also access your course using the Meeting ID and password.

5. I have booked my course, when will I receive my joining instructions & where do I find them?

Your joining instructions will be e-mailed to you 48 hours before your course date. Please note we will use the e-mail address you have provided when making your booking with us so please ensure these details are correct.

If you do not receive your joining instructions within the timescale listed above, please check your spam/junk mail box or contact us immediately by calling 01603 638136 (during office hours) or by e-mail: [email protected]

6. I am about to take my course but cannot access it, where do I find my joining instructions?

Please check your junk/spam mailbox. Please note we rely on your e-mail address being correct at the point of your booking.

If you have unsubscribed from receiving e-mails from our booking system, [email protected], please contact our office immediately.

7. I am not very technical and am worried that I will not be able to take my course, what help is available for this?

So long as you have the required equipment, you will be allowed to have a friend or family member log you into your course, however they will be required to vacate the area when your course starts.

If you do not have the equipment or help required to attend your course, you will need to review the options sent to you by the Police authority that sent your initial offer letter.

8. I may need an interpreter for my course; how do I arrange this?

You will be able to have a friend or family member attend your course with you to assist with interpretation. They will need to be aged 17 or over and their details such as name and relationship to you will need to be confirmed with our office in advance of your course date. They will need to provide photographic identification and stay with you the duration of the course.  If you require Norfolk County Council to arrange an interpreter for you, please ensure you provide us with full details such as language required and date and time of your booking.  Please note, you will need to provide us with at least 10 days’ notice in order for us to book an interpreter for you.  This may mean your course date/time will need to be changed.  Please ensure you contact our office on 01603 638136 (during office hours) or by email: [email protected]

9. What happens if I have technical difficulties and lose connection during my course?

Your course trainer will unlock the course for 10 minutes to allow you to re-join your course. If you are not successful within this timescale, you will need to contact our office to re-book.

10. What if my contact details have changed, how do I update these?

To update any changes to your contact details such as telephone number or e-mail address, you will need to log into your DORS account by visiting use your e-mail address and password to access this. Update your details under the ‘Manage My Details’ page.

11. How can I check when my course is booked?

To check the booking you have made, please log in to your DORS account by visiting use your e-mail address and password to log in and click on ‘Access My Course’. This information is also e-mailed to you upon your booking made with us.

12. I want to change my course date; how do I do this?

To change your course date please visit and log into your account. Select ‘Access My Courses’ and click re-book a course (you will be re-directed to the Norfolk booking portal).

You can re-book a course with us online or over the telephone free of charge so long as you are providing 2 working days’ notice from the original date booked. If you fall within this timescale the ‘re-schedule’ button will appear on screen. If this does not show, you will need to contact our office on 01603 638136.

13. I am trying to book online but the pay button is not visible.

To successfully book a course online you must select your course by date, venue name (i.e. NSAC, WDU or NRRAC) and venue location (this will be ONLINE). Once all three are successfully selected, the pay option will appear on screen.

14. There are no courses available online, how can I book my course?

When you log into the DORS offer portal the system will default to the area based on your address. If there are no courses available to you within your timescale set by the Police, please widen your search options to other providers. Please do so by typing into the ‘Course Location’ Search bar example ‘Suffolk’ or ‘Essex’ and click ‘Search’. The map with the yellow drop pins will highlight those providers running digital online courses.

15. I would like to attend a Classroom based course; how can I book one?

We are running a small number of classroom courses.  Please be aware that places may be limited. Classroom courses are available to book at limited locations.  Please check  during office hours to check availability.

16. I am currently breastfeeding; will this affect my digital course?

You will be allowed time to breastfeed. Details around timings will be discussed directly with your trainer during the signing-in process. Please ensure this is declared under ‘Special Requirements’ at the point of your booking.

17. I have specific medical issues; how will this affect my course.

Please ensure any special requirements are declared at the point of your booking. You can discuss your needs with your trainer during the signing-in process.

18. I have been offered a Safe & Considerate Driving course, how do i book this?

Places are limited for this course and can only be booked by telephone.  Please call 01603 638136 (during office hours).

Did you find the answer to your question in the FAQ section?

If not, consider contacting us.

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