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FAQ’s for Staffordshire County Council         


How do I contact my Course Provider to book or re-arrange a course?

Please call us on 0300 111 8012 (we’re open Monday to Friday 08:15 – 16:00) Email [email protected] or book on-line at Please have your police reference number and PIN to hand.


When do you run your courses?

We run online courses Monday to Saturday (except public holidays) at a range of times throughout the day.


What do I need to attend the online course?

You will need one of the following:

  • Computer, laptop or tablet with a microphone and camera
  • A smart phone may be used; however, the course will be more effective if you have a larger screen


Regardless of the device used, a stable internet connection and enough battery charge to last the duration of your course are essential.


When attending your course, you must be in a private room without disturbances or distractions and have a pen and paper to hand for notes. Prior to commencing the course, you will be required to agree to not record the course and respect the privacy of other clients attending the course.


What platform is the Course running on? 

We use the digital platform Zoom to deliver our online courses with up to 9 clients and our trainer. You will need to download Zoom on your device if you do not already have it. Please do this before the day of your course to ensure that everything is set up. Tutorials are available if required for joining a meeting or meeting controls by clicking here.


How do I access the course?

You will receive an email 24 – 72 hours before your course date that will contain your joining instructions and the Zoom link for your course. If you do not receive this email, please check your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folder. If you still cannot find this email, please contact our office on 0300 111 8012. Please make sure you have your photo-ID ready to show the trainer.


What if my contact details have changed, how do I update these?

To update any changes to your contact details such as telephone number or e-mail address, please log into your DORS account by visiting and use your e-mail address and password to access this. Then under the ‘Manage My Details’ page, update your contact details.


I am not very Technical, and I am worried I will not be able to do my online course. What help can I get from my Course Provider?

Please contact our office on 0300 111 8012 to discuss any concerns that you may have. You may also have assistance from another person to help you to get set-up and to initially join the course, but this person must not stay for the duration of the course. Additionally, our trainers are more than happy to provide assistance and to help you to attend your online course.


If you do not have the equipment or help required to attend/join your course, you will need to review the options sent to you by the referring Police authority that sent your initial offer letter.


What happens if I can’t connect or I lose connection?

Please contact our office on 0300 111 8012 or email – [email protected]


If my equipment fails part-way through the course, will I be able to rebook free of charge?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to complete the course again.


What if I don’t have my driving licence or passport to hand?

You may provide alternative Photo ID such as:-

  • Photocard Driving Licence (an expired photocard does NOT invalidate the licence)
  • A valid passport
  • An expired passport
  • Formal ID Cards (armed forces, police, student union, company ID card)
  • Tachograph Card
  • Local Authority/Taxi ID
  • Blue Badge (parking for people with disabilities)


Will there be a test during the online course?

You are required to engage fully throughout the online course as instructed by the trainer in order to successfully complete the course. However, there is no specific test.


I do not have childcare provision – can I still attend the online course?

No. You will need to select a date/time slot when you have childcare.


I am currently breastfeeding; will this affect my digital course?

Please ensure this is declared under ‘Special Requirements’ at the point of your booking and discuss timings with your trainer during the signing-in process.


I have specific medical issues; how will this affect my course?

Please ensure any special requirements are declared at the point of your booking and discuss your requirements with your trainer during the signing-in process.


What if I cannot complete the course before my deadline?

You will need to speak to the Police authority who made you the offer to discuss your options.


Can I revert to attending this course online even though I have already paid the fine to the police?

No. Unfortunately not.


Can I have an interpreter with me on the course?

Yes. Please ensure you supply their name to the office in advance of your course date and that they have photographic identification with them.


Is there any additional cost to attending the Virtual Classroom Course?



How long will the course last?

Approximately 2.5 hrs, which includes registration and a 15-minute break.

Did you find the answer to your question in the FAQ section?

If not, consider contacting us.

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