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What is the Difference between a Course Provider and a Trainer?


What is the Difference between a Course Provider and a Trainer?

Licensed trainers are individuals who have met the person specification and job description to be trained to UKROEd requirements to deliver one or more of the NDORS course types to the public in a physical classroom or virtual/online classroom.

How to become a trainer can be found here

A licensed course provider is an organisation or body that has been successfully accredited and licensed by us to provide the UKROEd service concession to a police force. The course provider will have gone through a robust tendering and procurement process to demonstrate they are capable and fit to provide the administration to facilitate courses, source trainers and venues to deliver a range of strictly regulated NDORS courses to several thousand course attendees during the term of the contract.

The first  thing you will need to have is a licence issued by UKROEd to deliver the courses. Course providers are commissioned through an arrangement at the discretion of the Police and Crime Commissioner, or where appropriate the Mayor who is in office within the territorial police force area. We do not commission course providers, we are the regulatory authority.

If you apply to become a provisional course licence holder you will have to pay £750 plus VAT in advance of the audit we will conduct on you to establish if you are fit to apply for a force contract. If you successfully pass the initial audit, this will allow you to bid against procurement opportunities for 2 years from the date you gain a licence, as and when they are advertised by the police forces. The holding of a provisional licence does not guarantee you a contract.

If you wish to apply for a provisional licence please email [email protected]

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