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First aid training call

dusk road

A call has been made for all drivers to receive mandatory first aid training so they know how to help in the event of a road collision.   The team at want the Government to make first aid training compulsory when getting a driver’s licence. 

 It points to research which suggests up to 59% of deaths from injury may have been prevented if first aid had been given before medical emergency services arrived.  Despite this, just one in 20 adults in the UK know what to do in a first aid emergency, and only 5% say they would feel confident, knowledgeable and willing to help someone with a medical issue. says the skills learnt in first aid courses can help people treat casualties with life-threatening injuries and improve their chances of survival. First aid training is already compulsory for motorists in other countries, and many learner drivers in Europe must show first aid knowledge for their theory tests.  Countries requiring first aid training as a condition of a licence include Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria and Slovenia.   

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