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First official UKROEd Academy course takes place

The UKROEd Academy ran its very first course on 24 and 25 January at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Birmingham.  The course was designed specifically for internal monitors, to give them valuable knowledge and experience of the new courses recently rolled out by UKROEd.

Representatives of the Course Development Unit guided participants through the three new courses during the two-day event.

Dr Simon Christmas lead the way on day one, delivering instruction on the SCD and WDU courses, while Dr Fiona Fylan took over for the second day with a detailed look at NSAC 2018.

UKROEd Quality Manager Sarah Di Salvo, who currently heads the Academy’s development as part of her portfolio, offers some detail to the event.

“We are very excited to be launching the first official Academy course,” she said.

“Although some of our internal monitors are also instructors or trainers, some have the sole role of monitors and will therefore not have the same experience of what’s in the new courses and how they work.”

This programme therefore offers an ideal opportunity for internal monitors to gain vital knowledge of our new courses.

Organisers arranged for Lloyd Jones – an experienced course monitor – to be present on both days of the course. He happily answered questions on monitoring, as well as offering the opportunity for role play, and participants were be able to monitor him as he played the part of a trainer.

“Delegates could practice providing appropriate feedback, and they had the opportunity to standardise the process,” added Sarah Di Salvo.

“As for the future, we are already looking to expand our portfolio of courses. We will consult with providers, and plan to put on other bespoke courses in response to client and trainer feedback. We will also look to bring in specialists from different fields.

“There certainly seems to be support for what the Academy is setting out to do, and I can see some significant growth opportunities in the months and years to come.”

UKROEd is encouraging all trainers, instructors, assessors and monitors to take a look at the new Academy page on the website ( and see some of the relevant new learning opportunities now available there.


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