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Government considers automated driving

The Government is considering a move to permit the use of an automated system that is capable of taking control of a vehicle travelling at low speeds on a motorway. When activated, the Automated Lane Keeping System (ALKS) keeps a vehicle within its lane, controlling movements for extended periods of time without the driver needing to do anything.

The driver must be ready and able to resume driving control when prompted by the vehicle. The Government is seeking views from industry on the role of the driver and proposed rules on the use of this system to pave the way towards introducing it safely in Great Britain, within the current legal framework.

The call for evidence will ask whether vehicles using this technology should be legally defined as an automated vehicle, which would mean the technology provider would be responsible for the safety of the vehicle when the system is engaged, rather than the driver. The call for evidence also seeks views on Government proposals to allow the safe use of this system on British roads at speeds of up to 70mph.

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