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Great feedback from a satisfied client

We were very gratefuI to receive the following feedback:

“I attended your Motorway Awareness Course today at The Swallow Hotel Waltham Abbey. It was an exceptional course and the two experts were indeed just that. Their contact with all the attendees was heartfelt and I warmed to them very quickly. Totally professional in every department and the structure of the course really made its mark on me. It is evident at the end that it is all down to the Individual attending the course for speeding and yet the way your operatives worked is a real credit.

“I made the point to your colleagues that I estimated that at least 40% of the UK population are oblivious of what we learned today and he corrected me as he thought that the number was even higher? This is a real eye opener and something that the Government really needs to look at.

“Thanking you all again for a very valuable four hours and excellent work from your guys.”

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