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Great feedback from trainer conferences

The UKROEd team took to the road for a series of four trainer conferences in late May and early June, with some very positive feedback received at each venue: Sarah Di Salvo reports:

Why we came

The main reasons for attending the conference were:

    • to be updated with changes this year
    • to stay educated and informed and to meet other trainers on a more ‘social’ basis
    • to learn more about UKROEd and what we do
    • to meet trainers from other providers
    • to hear first hand about who UKROEd NDORS are and changes happening
    • putting faces to names
  • pertinent training and course delivery
  • enhance the profile of trainers

What we loved

Trainer feedback pointed to the following as the most popular aspects of each event:

  • friendly, informal and felt you could ask anything on many different topics.
  • the energy, enthusiasm and team ethos
  • a great atmosphere which has made me feel valued as a trainer and not just a commodity 
  • the fact that barriers were broken and we were made to feel like a team
  • networking with speakers
  • updates on course development
  • “I have more knowledge on the wider picture.”
  • viewing the new videos 
  • Fiona’s presentation was uplifting and really passionate, just what was needed.
  • now it feels like NDORS is real

Constant improvement

We asked for the opinions of trainers on how we might improve on this sort of event for the future:

  • build in some opportunity for training 
  • more notice given
  • use of microphones and a better sound system
  • to have presentations as a hand-out
  • to involve guest speakers, such as Highways England
  • allow trainers to email questions beforehand to use in the carousel activity

As a direct result of this feedback, we are now in the process of setting new dates for 2019 trainer conferences in the next few weeks and will publicise these as soon as we can.

We considered the need to improve audio quality at our most recent Operations meeting, and are now looking into the possibility of purchasing a sound system.

We would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who gave up time to join one of the events. It was a great pleasure to share more of the business operation with trainers, have some good discussions and simply listen to the thoughts, concerns and ideas of so many enthusiastic training professionals. 

There is certainly a lot going on across UKROEd in the coming months, and we will ensure we keep you up to date with all the developments. 



Congratulations to Kerry Macnamara and Emma Byrne, who received bottles of wine from Sarah Di Salvo in recognition of their top performance during recent assessments. Kerry, who works in Hampshire, and Emma, from South Wales, were given exceptional assessment reports where their assessor awarded the ‘exceeded expectations’ grade on at least one of the assessment outcomes. 

Great work, Kerry and Emma!