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New e-scooter safety initiatives


Two of the mobility companies operating rental e-scooter schemes in the UK have launched initiatives to improve rider behaviour. First reported by Zag, through safety courses and events, Voi and Neuron ‘aim to equip riders with the necessary knowledge and skills to ride e-scooters responsibly, whilst fostering positive relationships with local communities’.

Voi has announced a series of safety events in Northampton and Southampton, which have some of the largest fleets in the country. Participants can learn more about e-scooters and ask questions in a safe, traffic-free environment. The operator is also offering webinars through to December covering all aspects of riding a Voi e-scooter. These include wearing a helmet to the correct position and how to park without causing an obstruction for pedestrians.

The initiative is run in partnership with road safety education and training provider TTC.

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