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New National Rider Risk Awareness Course launched by UKROEd


Today (Monday 24 April 2023) sees the launch of UKROEd’s new National Rider Risk Awareness Course (NRRAC). The course is designed as an alternative to prosecution and sets out to help riders of motorcycles, mopeds and scooters to become safer road users and make better choices. This in turn has the aim of reducing the risk-taking behaviour that too often leads to collisions, casualties and fatalities.

The NRRAC launch follows many months of work led by Dr Cris Burgess from UKROEd’s Research and Development Unit  to create an engaging three-hour education experience with the aim of reducing high-risk behaviour.

Police forces have had the option of offering NRRAC places to riders since the beginning of April, with the first course running today (Monday 24 April).

As with other UKROEd courses, clients will have the choice of participating online or in a face-to-face classroom environment.

UKROEd chief executive Ruth Purdie OBE commented: “It is well known that riders and passengers of two-wheeled vehicles, whether on motorcycles or mopeds, are over-represented in fatal and serious injury statistics on UK roads. Whilst powered two-wheeler riders make up only a small percentage of road users, many through their riding style and use of the road place themselves and others at increased risk.

“I am confident that the new NRRAC will enable participants to reflect on their riding and make changes that could save not only their own life but those of others.”

Members of the course development team have identified three main client groups for the course, and are expecting referrals from police forces across the UK for recreational leisure riders, commuters and delivery riders.

A total of 30 different road traffic offences trigger eligibility for referral to the course.

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