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New national safety campaign encourages ‘little changes’

dusk road

National Highways has launched a new campaign urging lane hoggers and tailgaters to carefully consider their driving habits. According to a survey, carried out by Ipsos UK on behalf of National Highways, nearly a third (32%) of drivers admit to lane hogging ‘at least occasionally’ while driving on England’s motorways and major A roads. Meanwhile, 23% of the 2,500 respondents admitted to tailgating ‘at least occasionally’.

The new National Highways campaign carries the slogan ‘little changes, change everything’. It aims to highlight that lane hogging is among the most likely behaviours to cause motorists and riders to feel frustrated, while tailgating makes them feel anxious, stressed or unsafe.

When thinking about their most recent journey, around a third (34%) of those responding to the survey noticed middle lane hogging, and many of them reported that it made them feel frustrated or angry.

Meanwhile almost seven in ten (67%) said close following, or tailgating, is a serious problem on these types of roads.

Roads minister Guy Opperman said: “This campaign, as part of our Plan for Drivers, aims to tackle middle lane hogging and tailgating, which are not only irritating but dangerous too.”

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