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New video encourages greater uptake of Welsh courses

An informative new video from UKROEd will encourage drivers who need to complete a speed awareness course – or other behaviour change course – to do so using the Welsh language.

UKROEd, the organisation responsible for the management of the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS), offers drivers and riders the opportunity to complete any of its behaviour change courses in Welsh or English.

Feedback suggests that some Welsh speakers are reluctant to choose the Welsh option because they fear the language used in the course environment may be too technical or academic for them.

The video is designed to allay these fears and to give more people confidence in choosing to complete a course in Welsh.

The four main courses for drivers and riders are available in Welsh and English. These courses are:

  • National Speed Awareness Course
  • National Motorway Awareness Course
  • Safe, Considerate Driving
  • What’s Driving Us.

Drivers and riders can sign up for a Welsh or English course at the time of booking, as well as  choosing either to attend a classroom session or to complete the course online.

UKROEd’s Welsh Language Champion Iestyn Davies commented: “Someone who needs to complete one of our courses may well be feeling apprehensive about going on a Welsh speaking course. With this video we hope to minimise concerns and to ensure that people attending one of our courses have as positive an experience as possible.

“We are committed to making that difference through the medium of Welsh. This short video explains how we make the courses easy to follow and how we avoid the use of complicated terminology. So if  you need to attend in the near future, you know you will be very welcome on a Welsh language course.”

Watch the video now:



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