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Poll shows support for phone seizures


More than a third of respondents to a new IAM RoadSmart survey would support the police confiscating a motorist’s mobile phone if they were caught using it illegally behind the wheel.  A survey of 2,437 IAM RoadSmart members, carried out in February 2024, found that 34% support the idea of the police confiscating mobile phones for a short period – with 27% believing offenders should pay to get their phone back.  

This would be an additional punishment to the existing £200 fine and points endorsement.  A further 7% support confiscation but do not think offenders should pay to get their phone back. A small majority (56%) were unconvinced that taking a phone was appropriate.  

 When asked if they feel the current £200 fine and six points on the licence is a sufficient punishment, half (51%) said it is about right, with 42% believing it is too lenient. A separate survey shows that almost two-thirds (62%) of respondents believe that driver distraction such as talking and texting at the wheel is a bigger problem than three-years ago. 



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