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Powered light vehicle ‘scorecard’ published by MCIA


The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) has published a new scorecard, which it says will place a magnifying glass on the Government’s commitment to the sector when it comes to shaping the future of transportation. Launched in collaboration with Zemo Partnership, the scorecard assesses the progress made by the Government since the launch of the joint Action Plan in February 2022.

The plan sets out a roadmap for how the Government, together with industry, can unlock the full potential of the powered light vehicle (PLV) sector in the push towards green transport. This includes areas such as improving access by simplifying the existing licensing regime. The MCIA says industry ‘has already played its part in spades’ – and that the scorecard points out areas where the Government’s actions have not aligned with the urgency required to address modern transportation challenges.

Tony Campbell, CEO of MCIA, said: “It’s high time the Government started to transform vision into action. As we publish this scorecard, it serves not only as a tool for holding the Government accountable but, more importantly, as a resounding call to action.

“The Government possesses the vision, the strategy; it’s imperative to now deliver on advancing both the PLV sector and the Government towards shared mobility objectives,” he said.

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