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Private e-scooter safety

dusk road

A new report recommends that the DfT takes immediate action to address dangerous and illegal private e-scooter use. The report has been produced by PACTS following the culmination of a project funded by the Road Safety Trust to gather information on the safety of private e-scooter use.

Throughout 2021, PACTS gathered data of casualties involving e-scooters (riders and other road users) collected from the media, police forces and insurance firms. This included both private and rental e-scooters.

The data found there were nearly 900 casualties from collisions involving e-scooters in 2021, 18% of which came from trial e-scooters – and 82% privately-owned e-scooters. There were 11 deaths involving collisions with privately-owned e-scooters in 2021.

Results confirm that riders are prone to fall and impact their heads. These falls are likely due to the design of the e-scooter which influences its stability especially when negotiating changes in the road surface and when braking.

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