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Project EDWARD: join the daily conversation


The Project EDWARD team has kicked off the year with an ambitious programme of social media engagement – and is looking for road safety teams to participate. A daily safety moment will be shared across the Project EDWARD social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) every day throughout 2023.

Among those to feature already include the British Horse Society, who used the platform to highlight the importance of passing riders wide and slow.

A Project EDWARD spokesperson said: “We are keen to include as many supporting organisations as possible to ensure the best possible collaboration – and a great reach for road safety messages through the year. “Our standard message format includes an image and a short message, but we are open to any ideas that will stimulate engagement.”

The 2023 Project EDWARD week of action will take place between 15-19 May. Posts bearing the #ProjectEDWARD hashtag achieved more than 42 million impressions across social media channels around the time of the October 2022 week of action.

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