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Rehabilitation announcement for injured bikers


Following Government updates to the highway code prioritising vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists and cyclists, the Major Trauma Group and charitable organisation, the British Biker Relief Foundation (BBRF), are today announcing their motorcycle safety partnership. The organisations are collaborating to assist those involved in a motorcycle incident, to help them receive the necessary rehabilitation services and return to the roads as quickly as possible.

The Major Trauma Group and the BBRF will be working together to provide specialist legal assistance and support for motorcyclists and their families across the UK after serious and life changing injuries sustained in a motorcycle collision. The organisations will be supporting riders and loved ones who are living with the often-devastating effects of such serious incidents and injuries, and together are able to offer emotional support, financial assistance, and legal advice when people need it most.

Injuries sustained by motorcyclists are often very serious in nature, and in order to help individuals return to their passion and get back on the roads, a complex, holistic rehabilitation journey is often required. The Major Trauma Group and the BBRF are passionate about combining their expertise to ensure survivors of motorcycle crashes are given the best possible legal, medical, and psychological support to aid in their recovery.

Over the coming months, both organisations hope to highlight the need for better education and understanding for all road users when it comes to motorcycle safety awareness, and in turn see motorcycle safety education widened within driving lessons and examinations in future.

Trevor Sterling, Chair of the Major Trauma Group comments: “The Major Trauma Group is delighted to be launching this partnership with the British Biker Relief Foundation, to help motorcyclists receive the care they need, and get them back on the roads as soon as possible.

“Anybody involved in a serious or life-changing accident must have access to specialist legal advice to support their journey to recovery. When injuries are so serious that a patient has required treatment in a Major Trauma Centre, access to early rehabilitation is crucial to help them regain their independence and achieve financial security for the future.

“There is currently a car bias on the roads and there must be a shift in mindset from all road users to ensure safety for all, as the future of transport is set to be much more diverse and sustainable.”

 Ginny Slater, Committee Member, British Biker Relief Foundation comments: “We are delighted to be partnering with the Major Trauma Group to provide our members with the necessary expert legal advice and rehabilitative care needed to get back on the roads and pursue their passions once again.”

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