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Road death results for Project EDWARD day of action

  • 28 European countries took part in this year’s European Day Without A Road Death (Project EDWARD)
  • A 30 million Twitter reach was measured on EDWARD day itself


THIS YEAR’S Project EDWARD (the European Day Without A Road Death) took place across Europe on Thursday 26 September. Devised in 2016 as Project EDWARD for the European Roads Police Network (TISPOL), the initiative once again aimed to raise awareness of road safety and reduce the number of people killed every day on the roads of Europe.


The road safety results are as follows:

28 countries actively participated

A total of 52 fatalities have been recorded

12 participating countries recorded no fatalities on 26 September

1 country (Bulgaria) participated but have not published fatality details


The social media results are as follows (using precisely the same metrics as in the three previous years):

30 million unique reach

95.9 million potential impressions 29 August to 27 September


A TISPOL spokesperson said:

“Any death on our roads is one too many. We must all commit ourselves to a future with zero road deaths. No one ever said this would be easy, but one of our priorities now must be to reach more and more people with our messages, so that any sort of offending on the road becomes socially unacceptable.


“As long as people die on Europe’s roads, we will organise Project EDWARD days – and we will never give up using all means at our disposal to deliver Every Day Without A Road Death.


“I am therefore announcing that the 2020 Project EDWARD day of action will take place on Wednesday 16 September.”


Results from TISPOL member countries are as follows:

Belgium 1

Croatia 2

Cyprus 0

Czech Republic 5

Denmark 0

Estonia 0

Finland 3 (compared with 0 in 2018)

France 9 (compared with 3 in 2018)

Germany 2 (compared with 11 in 2018)

Hungary 1

Ireland 2

Italy 3 (compared with 7 in 2018)

Latvia 0

Lithuania 0

Luxemburg 0

Malta 0

Netherlands 3

Norway 0

Poland 8

Romania 7

Serbia 1

Slovenia 0

Spain 1

Sweden 0

Switzerland 0

Turkey 1

United Kingdom 3


Bulgaria participated but have not provided any results.


Austria, an TISPOL member country, did not participate but recorded 0 road deaths on 26 September

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