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Road safety group expresses concern about drivers at work

Eyes Up, Slow Down, Cross Safely

IAM RoadSmart has expressed concerns about the percentage of at-work drivers who believe it’s acceptable to drive under the influence of drink and drugs. The concerns follow the findings of a survey, which the charity says has revealed the stark difference between the behaviours of company car drivers and other road users.

The survey, which questioned the safety attitudes and behaviours of more than 2,000 motorists, found 31% of those driving for work believe driving after using Class A drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy is acceptable, compared to 5% of non-company car drivers.

More than a quarter of company car drivers (26%) felt it was acceptable to drive when they may have drunk too much alcohol, and 24% would drive after using cannabis. In both cases, only 5% of non-company car drivers felt it was acceptable.

Elsewhere, 21% of company car drivers had regularly or often ignored a red light within a 30-day window, compared to 3% of other drivers. The survey also found that 21% of at-work drivers often read a text or email while driving. Again, only 3% of other drivers admitted to this.

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