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Road Safety Trust to support dash cam research

dusk road

Lincolnshire Police and Keele University have received £150k funding from The Road Safety Trust to explore how ‘Dash Cam’ technology can be used to reduce road offending and improve road safety.

The Road Safety Trust, dedicated to achieving zero deaths and serious injuries on UK roads, awarded over £1million of funding for technology-focussed road safety projects through its main theme grants in 2021.

Approximately 6000 pieces of digital footage are being sent into police forces in England and Wales every month, suggesting a growing public appetite for this approach as a way of making roads safer. The project aims to explore the opportunities, and potential challenges, arising from the increasing use by the public of ‘dash cam’ technologies.

By working with Police Forces across the UK and a variety of road users, this project will establish how dash cam footage can be utilised to contribute to road safety and provide guidance on the consistent handling of it.

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