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Supporting 15-minute neighbourhoods

Eyes Up, Slow Down, Cross Safely

Most people would like their area to become a ‘15-minute neighbourhood’, according to the findings of a YouGov study. The concept of a 15-minute city (or neighbourhood) is the idea that most things that people need are located within a 15-minute walk or cycle of their home.

The policy, which has gone through lots of iterations, has been implemented in different places across the globe. In recent months, it has been the subject of intense media scrutiny, after Oxford City Council announced plans to make itself a 20-minute city to reduce traffic.

However, a new survey from YouGov shows that a majority of the public (62%) would support their local authority making it a target to make their area a 15-minute neighbourhood, including three quarters of Labour (73%) and more than half Conservative voters (57%).

Around nine in ten respondents believe that people should have a bus stop (90%), and a post box (87%) within a 15-minute walk of their home. Having medical facilities such as a pharmacy (85%) and a GP surgery (83%) should also be included in the target. However, fewer than half see the need for a shopping centre (28%) or restaurant (38%) to be close by.

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