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Teenagers gain driving experience at ‘chilled’ events


One of East Anglia’s leading driving schools is inviting local teens to take part in a driving experience day, where they will learn about the ‘paramount importance’ of safety. Chilled Driving School hosts four off-road experience days per year, the next of which takes place on 19 August.

The events enable 14–17-year-olds to gain an experience of driving high-end vehicles such as an Audi RS3 and a Ford Focus RS, preparing them to start driving lessons. In some cases, parents can accompany their children on their drive.

While Chilled aims for teenagers to be instructed in a relaxed and fun way, it teaches throughout the day that safety is of paramount importance.

Ahead of the next event, Chilled has partnered with Racing4RoadSafety, a venture set up by Westcotec’s Olly Samways – himself an amateur racing driver.

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