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The powerful film these parents want every child to see following the tragic death of their ‘beautiful’ daughter


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The devastated parents of a talented and promising teenager killed in a car crash have told how “she was going to achieve something in life, but will now achieve something in death instead.” Jo and Mesut Alkir have vowed that 17-year-old Olivia’s legacy will be to save lives as they release a powerful video that every parent and child should see.

Olivia’s mum Jo wants parents and guardians to have a conversation with their children who are learning to drive or have recently passed their driving test to spare others from suffering the same unimaginable grief they have had to endure. Speaking to North Wales Live on the anniversary of Olivia’s death, she said: “As a tribute to Olivia, I want people to use the day to have a conversation – parent to child or even child to child. If you’ve got a friend who drives badly, please talk to them.

North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner, Andy Dunbobbin added: “Olivia’s story is a result of a tragic loss for a family and community, but may help ensure no other families or communities experience the same awful loss. I’d like to pay tribute to Olivia’s family and friends for taking part in the film and for sharing both, their message of loss, as well as the lessons that we should all learn to stay safe on the roads.”

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