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THINK! relaunches young drink driver campaign

THINK! is bringing back its ‘Pint Block’ campaign to help spread the message among young male drivers that ‘a mate doesn’t let a mate drink drive’. First launched in December 2019, Pint Block encourages young men to step up and intervene to stop mates drinking before driving. The current campaign launched in time for the Bank Holiday weekend and will run until 3 October.

This summer and autumn phase will be followed by a further burst of activity from November 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape of socialising and hospitality. During this period, THINK! observed a decrease in young male drivers agreeing that it’s very risky to drive over the legal alcohol limit. THINK! says this – along with the wider lifting of restrictions in July, the increase in indoor and outdoor socialising, and the return of traffic back to pre-pandemic levels – means there are now more opportunities for young male drivers to drink drive; which is why they are reintroducing the Pint Block campaign.

The campaign targets male drivers aged 17-24 years because they are four times more likely to be killed or seriously injured on the roads than male drivers aged 25 or over, making them an extremely high-risk group.

THINK! says that currently only two thirds of this group believe the risk level associated with driving while over the legal alcohol limit is very high – compared to three quarters in April 2020.