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West Mercia issues pre-Christmas drink-drive warning


West Mercia Police is teaming up with Wenlock Spring to encourage drivers to find suitable alternatives to alcohol if they are getting behind the wheel. In the run up to last Christmas, West Mercia Police arrested 156 people for being over the drink-drive limit. The force says any amount of alcohol can affect someone’s ability to drive and there are numerous consequences of driving with alcohol in your system.

Therefore it is supporting ‘The Only One for the Road’ campaign, from Wenlock Spring, which encourages drivers ‘not to risk even one alcoholic drink’.

The campaign messaging is being displayed on Wenlock’s lorries.

Matthew Orme, director at Wenlock Spring, said: “Far too many people are still dying or getting injured as a result of drink-driving, which is why we’re proud to be launching a new campaign which carries a positive message and will help raise awareness of the risks. Highlighting the dangers of people getting behind the wheel after they have had a drink becomes even more important as we approach the festive season, which is often a time when it is very easy for people to over-indulge.

“Working in partnership with West Mercia Police, we hope to change people’s attitudes and remind them to think twice before picking up an alcoholic drink if they’re in charge of the keys.”

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