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Whatever you do, please stay safe this Easter

We hope you will be able to enjoy some time with friends and family this Easter, if restrictions allow.

Before you go:

Check your vehicle. Ensure it’s is in good condition. Carry out basic checks including fluid levels, fuel, lights, tyre pressures, tyre condition, brakes, battery and wiper blades.

Plan your trip. Avoid peak travel times if you can. The Easter weekend is a busy time on the roads.

Check weather forecasts and travel updates before you set out. Easter Sunday ice expected to be cold, with the possibility of snow in some parts on Monday.

On your journey:

Don’t drive tired. Fatigue affects driving ability and affects concentration.  Get a good night’s sleep before you set off – and take regular breaks from driving on a long journey.

Put safety first. Always make sure you have plenty of time and space to stop safely if you need to.

Happy Easter!



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