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All reasonable steps will be taken to ensure that a course participant who is breastfeeding is able to attend a course.

Requirements should be discussed with your course provider prior to the commencement of the course in order that the appropriate arrangements can be put in place.

It is important to understand any arrangements which are made to accommodate a request must also take into consideration the interests of everyone on the course.  Participants must attend the whole of the session in order to complete the course.

Course participants must not breastfeed, express milk, or bring a baby into a physical classroom course. You are advised to carefully select a course at a time which best fits you and your baby’s breastfeeding schedule.

Clients can be offered the opportunity to breastfeed during a virtual/online course.  This is entirely at the discretion of the course provider and the client made aware of the need to be able to show only their facial profile on the screen and be aware to mute their microphone when necessary to avoid any distraction to other clients on the course.

Please do not leave it to the day of your course to request additional arrangements, as it may not be possible to accommodate these at short notice.


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